An overweight thought I had this morning on my flight to Istanbul for the kickass retrospective that the Pera museum is having for my film work. Every time I have to board a plane I can’t help but ask myself: isn’t “Boeing” the sound that a metal object makes when it falls to the…
Truth or Dare 4It’s very simple: you ask me any question you can think of or challenge me to a dare, and I stammer out the best answers I can come up with and …
Not All About My Mother | Non-Fiction | Fresh Soup
The things you do for love | Fiction | Almost Fresh Soup
No matter how exciting or good your reading was, don’t fall on your face!
At NightListen now (3 min) | When you're alone in bed, in the dark, all the things you've repressed stop by for a visit | Alphabet Audio Soup
Happy birthday to my favorite storyteller!
Two wrongs don’t make a right but one wrong sometimes does… | Fiction | Fresh Soup
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