As a writer who doesn't have many hobbies, I write almost every day. Super- short weird stories, poems, thoughts about writing, ideas for screenplays – they all swirl around in my Alphabet Soup pot. In this newsletter, I'll share not only my best new stories, but also some of my half-baked ones, as well as a few non-fiction pieces about my family, my writing and my life.

In this newsletter we serve two kinds of soup:

Fresh soup - unpublished, meaning first publication, or at least first publication in English.

Canned soup - a previously published text.

What People Are Saying

(Or, rather, what one specific individual is saying):

I’ve been looking at [Keret’s] Substack and it’s so witty and enjoyable, and he’s clearly having a wonderful time doing it, I thought, ‘maybe I could do that’” — Salman Rushdie, The Guardian

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Special thanks to my collaborators and friends, Jessica Cohen- translator and editor, and Asaf Hanuka- logo illustration.

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