Apr 19, 2022 • 3M

At Night

When you're alone in bed, in the dark, all the things you've repressed stop by for a visit | Alphabet Audio Soup

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Etgar Keret
Listen to the author read his stories in a strange foreign accent
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Illustration by Mia Funk

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“At Night” is a strange story. Even though each of its paragraphs describes a different human failure, the sum total always fills me with joy. It’s not the kind of joy you’d see modelled by someone who just won the lottery or an Oscar, but something far more humble: the joy of being injured in a car crash and discovering you’ve only sprained your ankle instead of breaking it. Maybe that’s why I like reading this story to an audience so much.

Intro Translated by Jessica Cohen
”At Night” translated by Sondra Silverston

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