Oct 4, 2022 • 2M


It is never too late to say you’re sorry | Alphabet Audio Soup

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Etgar Keret
Listen to the author read his stories in a strange foreign accent
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My favorite Jewish holiday, ever since I was a kid, has always been Yom Kippur. Maybe it’s because – like every other liberal leftie – I spend a fair amount of time feeling guilty, and it’s nice to have an entire holiday dedicated to your self-reflective, guilt-ridden personality type. From the day I started writing, I’ve never missed an opportunity to blurb this unique holiday. So this year, instead of writing another five-star review of the Day of Atonement, I decided to read out a short, tough story that I wrote more than thirty years ago and have never before read aloud, not even to myself.

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Story translated by Miriam Shlesinger 
Intro translated by Jessica Cohen