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Even if our ministers won't agree , I think "progrom" is pretty accurate. I found your "ideological" lapse in writing about politics not as simply propagandistic (as I find most of the writing these days in Haaretz for example) because you get a touching point across. One about "communication" .I don't know about statistics ,,but I coukd imagine that many couples separate over inability to communicate. This seems to be what is happening now. Anyway, thank you . I have been enjoying your Alphabet soup tremendously. I also loved the stuff you posted here some time ago about your parents from the Berlin exhibition. Is this something you might expand on and will be out into book form ?

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All I could think after reading your description was Shoah. Heart rendingly sad💙

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This essay is so good it needs to be shared much wider, way beyond the borders of Israel and Middle East. Everyone needs to read it and feel the desperation. Thank you so much for your writing

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Sadly I find this piece emphasising the pain and horror of one side while only one sentence is dedicated to the enormous pain of a mother who have lost her two sons, not a house but her boys, for pure hate. The reaction to this hate crime was a mixed cry of pain, built up frustration, rage and the uncontrollable need to express it all. I don’t think it was the right thing to do and from my sofa I can say I wouldn’t have done that act of revenge on innocent people. On the other hand I am not yet ( and hope not to be) in their shoes. But I have acted many times based on my emotions not logic. Easy for us to say they could have, should have, would have. It was an eye for an eye act. A spontaneous biblical act. We don’t need to look for a mutual name for these events we need to find a mutual solution.

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Etgar - Perhaps it is time for one of your translators to step in and give us - erm - a judicious opinion! Meanwhile, I've taken the liberty of checking the difference between the dictionary 'definition' and 'meaning' of any word. The first is specific and the latter more generalised. The word 'pogrom', it appears,, is late 19th century Jewish as Its etymological roots are both Yiddish and Russian and, literally mean ‘devastation’, from pogromit ‘destroy by the use of violence’. This means that the thugs now in power at the Knesset are behaving in the manner that global antsemites have always claimed: Just like themselves.

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Etgar, thank you for making a break with your policy, even for one day. This "ideology-free" zone is a much needed escape but as you have demonstrated so beautifully, the walls break down sometimes. For those of us in the "diaspora", who have lived or have a connection with Israel, like myself, I'm stunned, not knowing what to do from here. It helps, even a little, to hear you and commiserate. I've never thought of the attacks in terms of a pogrom but that word seems most accurate. As we know, people need to name their traumas; the victims will certainly name them.

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Gosh, reading the complicated theme you presented, containing the sage heartbreaking story of your Dad’s learned life lesson and then feeling so forlorn trying to come up with a word or words with a taxi driver who most likely has his own views, confirms the eons old saga from the Biblical days of Joseph and the horrors his own brothers devised and implemented against him to ruin him.

Though we in America don’t see the hellish videos that you wrote of splashed upon our television screens each day, there is a constant war going on here too, which we call it out by name: PURE EVIL. Whether it be one man out for revenge or a large group of people sabotaging buildings and looting, pillaging and killing, all believe they are justified in their own minds. As the Bible confirms, It’s a tale as old as time.

I wish I had a way to wrap my arms around you to reassure you that things will get better, yet unfortunately, I can’t. Much like you, I am just one single voice crying out to God in despair for His mercy upon us all, so that we each may get right with Him to enjoy the peace He freely offers all who call upon Him.

Here’s a word I came across a few years ago that helped me describe my own experiences after losing my Mom when I was fifteen. Alone, afraid and lost, I couldn’t put to words what I was feeling for so long living without her.

The word is Hiraeth ~ it’s meaning is:

“A homesickness to a home which you cannot return;

A home which maybe never was;

The yearning;

The grief for the lost places of your past...

The sadness of what will never be.”

Thank you for expressing yourself so passionately concerning the events unfolding right before our very eyes every single day all throughout the world. I place all my faith in THE ONE 👆TRUE GOD whom created us all for good and not for evil. May God continue to bless you and yours and all who seek Him!🙏🏻

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Israel was founded both in idealism and, to borrow from Catholicism, original sin. Like America's twin founding sins of genocide against native Americans and slavery, terrible repercussion are inescapable without acknowledgement and reparative justice. Neither country has the will to act.

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I really hate to "like" this post. The world is such a sad place these days.


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I am in tears. You are so right, this is horrendous.

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Hats off! But what else is new?

It would be nice to have a link, when an article in a Hebrew paper is referred to.


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Glad you broke with your writing tradition. Some things need to be outed. Sad to read of the continuing horrors that surround you. Wishing you peace, praying for change♥️

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In polish language "pogrom" is not limited to crime againsts Jews e.g. "pogrom mławski".

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After the attack on Hawara the term POGROM took over my thoughts, remembering horrific stories I heard from my parents, Holocaust survivors. I, too, had a difficult time falling asleep thinking about all those innocent people attacked so brutally.

POGROM it was and it is when a group of people attack viciously minority communities, no matter the cause!

I decided to look up the definition of POGROM in some of the most respected and knowledgeable resources and I quote from the Encyclopedia Britanica (2012) :

"A mob attack, either approved or condoned by authorities, against the personal property of a religious, racial or national minority. The term is usually applied to attacks on Jews in the Russian empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

The fact that POGROM was born into its devastating presentation through attacking Jews only makes the abuse on Hawara and its habitants more despicable. The fact that a Jewish religious group of people, supposedly believing in God, initiated it, is a shame to the Jewish people and values! Their beliefs, their behavior and their Jewishness are not mine! I denounce them from my peoplehood!

Thank you, Etgar, for breaking the silence.

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