Truth or Dare

This is a thread where you’ll be able to ask me questions, or, if you’re paid subscribers, challenge me to a dare

Alphabet Soup’s “Truth or Dare” is a lot looser than the classic high-school game. You can ask me anything, from “How do you create empathy for a minor character in a short story?” all the way to “Why do you think God chose to make you short?” (incidentally, the answers to both these questions are not entirely unrelated), and not just yes-or-no questions. When it comes to the dares, anything goes: challenge me to write a monologue from the perspective of a piece of guinea-pig poop, or ask me to grow a mustache. I can’t promise to answer every single question, or to take up more than one challenge, but whatever happens, it will definitely be about as stressful and fun as riding a roller-coaster in a poorly maintained amusement park.

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I’m looking forward to your input. I’ll give my best answers and document the dares on my crappy cell phone (I don’t usually like shaming electronic devices in public, but in this case it’s well-deserved) and I’ll send them out in the next few weeks.

So let’s get started! But please, no questions about spelling or requests for practical advice. That would just be too humiliating.


Translated by Jessica Cohen